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Eco 3x3 Pop up stands  stand - poster companyPop up stands

eco 3x3

■ Simple, fully magnetic rail connections
■ Available in Curved and straight configurations
■ Cross brassed and Uncrossed brassed systems
■ Heavy duty carry case
■ Optional 150w halogen lamps
■ Optional Counter top and case wrap graphic


Twist popup stands  stand - poster companyTwist offers incredible flexibility, stability and ease of use.
The Twist range has been designed to fulfil a wide range of exhibiting requirements.
Use it as a simple banner stand, a shell-scheme system or a full bespoke stand.







ISOframe wave

ISOframe wave  stand - poster companyISOframe Wave is the portable display system the world has been waiting for. ISOframe Wave links flexible graphics over any length of display, which can then be flexed to follow almost any shape. Our patented ISOframe Wave is the world's first fully flexible display stand: choose the shape and size you need while you're setting up at the event.